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FOODAKAI opens up for the Food Industry to help ensure global food risk monitoring & prevention.


In this challenging period that the global supply chain is highly affected, we at Agroknow want to help ensure that the food industry remains intact.

That’s why we are opening access to FOODAKAI platform: so that any FSQA professional can perform fast and accurate supplier and ingredient assessment.

In order to support global food companies to overcome this challenge, we offer free access to the full version of FOODAKAI platform.



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What you will get during this period:

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Fast-track supplier evaluation

Now that you cannot perform on-site audits, make sure that you have all the information to evaluate your suppliers

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COVID-19 Supply Chain Effects

Monitor how COVID-19 is affecting your ingredients' sourcing and production countries

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Remote Risk Assessment

Conduct remote risk assessment of ingredients by performing a deep hazards and risk analysis